Indian economy has seen immense growth in last few decades at a tremendous rate. The value and status of Indian market is now well known to the rest of the world. The potential of Indian market is endless and can be accumulated into a profitable business while looking at the population and their needs. One of the most proficient and well established industries in India is Auto mobile Industry. Its growth rate in past few years shown a promising side and need for transport in India. Not to mention big names like Ta ta motors and Maruti etc. gain a sizable profit in billions out of it.

Auto part exporters - UAE - Dubai

To the addition of auto mobile industry, they require manufacturers of parts used in the vehicles and that’s where the Auto Parts exporters in India come into play. They design and create different type of products for the usage of front end manufacturers to assemble the auto mobile into a complete piece. There are so many companies which not only provide products in India. Auto part Exporter in India mainly focuses on developing countries and some Middle East ones mostly. As the population is growing there will be always a need of transportation and so the need of companies who manufacture the vehicles. Most popular parts that are exported to the other regions:

  • Air Bags
  • Glass tint
  • Rims of wheels
  • Body chassis 
  • Mirrors
  • Piston 
  • Break and clutch
  • Hydraulics etc.

Few auto parts exporters in India:

Shalimar Exports: They started exporting business 40 years ago, from then to now they gain a very huge pool of customers and supporters, a respectable place in international market which they were aiming for. The manufacturer and exporter of products have a presence in over 35 countries. They always aim for value and quality solution for the customers, while supplying consistent quality they proved to be a competitive name in exporting business. They unfold even exclusive range of products from automobile spare parts, Bicycle Parts, Hand tools etc. They always appreciate the feedback from customer with utmost respect for self-improvement and it proved very well for them in meantime.

Neptune Parts: Over 50 years of experience is the assurance for quality of engine parts the company provide. They found acceptance, dealers and user in more than 75 countries around the globe. They make and export auto parts with a fine quality and at competitive price that rivals competition. A well packaged case of master pieces designed for the customer satisfaction and giving value for money. They are spread across west Europe, Russia, Latin America, USA and Canada etc. with this being said they sure know how to make name by delivering the best quality in products.

India is taking the auto mobile industry with storm all across globe with moderate prices, quality and class. Not only auto mobile but big names also place orders and trust in the Indian auto part manufacturers for their products. This shows a leap and promise, the potential that world can avail from the developing country called INDIA.

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